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A Story about a Dream in a Dream

A Story about a Dream in a Dream

Naoko Kurotsuka

One very hot night I was flying in my dreams.

I moved my hands and they turned into wings and caught the wind.

My house receded into the distance.

From high up I gazed down upon the city, deep in sleep.

Through the light of the full moon the image of the city changed from positive to negative.

The city looked very different but it was still my city.

I became slightly tired and stopped for a while upon the roof of a house and soon fell asleep.

In this dream I was a man.

My body was enormous.

When I hopped I felt as though my feet were huge springs.

The hopping was very amusing to me.

Like a top that jumps and spins.

With every jump my muscles felt joyful.

Soon I became tired and fell asleep.

In this dream I was a fish.

As I reached the bottom of the sea I felt no more pain.

I swam faster than all the other fish.

I felt the water hugging me tightly.

Soon I was content and lapsed into sleep.

In this dream I was a monkey.

Like the wind I sprang from tree to tree.

My tail slapped against my hips, swaying back and forth with the beat of my heart.

If I had fallen from the tree, this part of my body would have swiftly and securely caught the branch of tree.

After so much play I became tired and laid down beneath a tree to sleep.

In this dream I was a small winged insect.

My body felt as light as cotton.

The slightest breeze lifted me into the air.

It was pleasant to effortlessly fly in the wind.

Surrounded by fog I was carried away.

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